Life Story Workshops

Life Story workshops enable participants to take time to reflect on their present–day life and the stories they tell about themselves. With the use of creativity, participants are empowered to reconsider their stories using a personal and positive approach that acknowledges their own needs. As part of these workshops, sense of belonging is explored, particularly in relation to people, place, nature and memories.

The informal, creative and social nature of the Life Story workshops provides a fresh way of looking at life, empowering participants to move forward with positivity. They are particularly suitable for people who have been experiencing life transitions and challenges who are seeking a new way forward but uncertain about their future path. They may also provide inspiration to those who may wish to write about their own lives.




The workshops take advantage of the potential therapeutic benefits of using creative approaches to explore life issues.

All workshops offer a friendly and positive environment in which participants are able to explore and share their own life experience and memories. Time is provided for self-reflection, group work and socialising. The workshops provide an opportunity to make new connections and friendships.

Workshops are held at comfortable venues with access to refreshments. Creative approaches may include writing, drawing/art or photos/photography but there is no need to have prior experience of these unless otherwise stated.

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