Empowering You Beyond Your Dreams

My passion is to empower you beyond your dreams. I use coaching, creativity, life stories and sense of belonging to empower individuals, families and groups in the community to overcome life challenges and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Kay Underdown, Happiness & Empowerment Coach





Sometimes in life we experience difficulties and challenges which may overwhelm us, one after another, and we find it hard to escape the cycle of negativity, wondering ”how much more is life going to throw at me?” We can choose to take action to stop the negative wheels in motion and enable positivity to lead us to a happy life of our own choosing.




Sometimes we don’t think we have choices, especially if we are learning to live a ‘new normal’ life that has been forced upon us. By giving ourselves the time, space and commitment we deserve, we can explore what will really make us happy and start a new journey to a fulfilled life beyond our dreams.




Kay Underdown, Happiness & Empowerment Coach

Sue Stone Foundation Accredited Coach

Sue Stone Certification

Sue Stone Certification


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One-to-one and group services offered include:


Happiness & Empowerment Coaching

To transform your life beyond your dreams. This is based on the approach used by Sue Stone and involves an initial one-to-one comprehensive coaching session with three months’ support plus optional telephone booster sessions. You will learn how to use life-long tools to empower you to live a positive life. You will gain clarity, your self-esteem and confidence will increase, and you will be able to start living the wonderful life you deserve.


Life Wheel Coaching

To help you gain greater clarity when feeling stressed, overwhelmed and out of control. This is a powerful visual method that helps identify and explore the main areas of your life and small steps with the right focus can soon make a difference to how you feel. It is an excellent way to approach specific goals where you have become stuck or if you are not sure which direction you wish to take in your life.


Life Story Workshops

A sense of belonging provides the firm base on which to transform your life and thrive. My Life Story Workshops offer a creative space in which to explore your own sense of belonging: the impact of people, place, nature and belonging through time. They also provide an opportunity to socialise with others and spend time writing or drawing about your life.

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If you would like to host a workshop, or are an organisation who would like individual or group coaching sessions for employees or clients, these can be designed to suit the needs of participants and events.

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